Flappy Bird Space

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Can you avoid the asteroids and survive the most addictive and tense space game ever? Flappy Bird Space takes your love of gaming to an astronomical level by pitting you against a tricky and unpredictable asteroid field. All you have to do is guide your avian astronaut to safety but watch out - it’s not as easy as it looks.

Flappy Bird Space has a difficulty curve that makes it impossible to put down, with that all-time high score always just ‘one more go’ away. Tap the screen as fast as you can to keep our flappy friend floating away from the asteroids.

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  • Simple and smooth gameplay
  • Incredibly Addictive
  • Challenging Difficulty Curve That Keeps You Coming Back
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Awesome Spacey Soundtrack
  • Available For Android and iPhone/iPad
  • From the creators of Flappy The Fish

If Flappy Bird was one small step for man, Flappy Bird Space is one giant leap for Mankind...or should that be BirdKind?. Download it now!

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